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Fully managed
open-source software

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150+ softwares

Deploy any one of over 150 supported softwares on a dedicated instance in less than 3 minutes. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of installation, configuration, encryption, backups, software & OS updates, live monitoring…and more!

Great companies trust us

Fast deployments

Select an open-source software and start using it in under 5 minutes.

No vendor lock-in

Migrate your software and data between our supported cloud providers any time you want.

Predictable pricing

A guaranteed monthly price covers everything: compute, storage, bandwidth, updates, security & maintenance.

99.99% uptime SLA

Our in-house monitoring and alerting tools allow us to provide up to 99.99% uptime guarantees for enterprise deployments.

Dedicated Hardware

We deliver all services on dedicated virtual machines: you get full access to the underlying resources and kernel-level security.

Encrypted Everything

All connections between your computer, the dashboard and your services are encrypted end-to-end with TLS, and all data is encrypted at rest.

Join our Community on Discord

The channel is open for all. Chat with the Elestio team about open-source softwares, devOps and hosting on Discord.

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