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We are Elestio, a managed open-source software services provider.

Elestio was originally built by our founding technical team as an internal tool to manage thousands of virtual machines running open-source software in production environments used by millions of users, Fortune 100 companies, as well as startups, web agencies, and freelancers. Our proven team has been developing and refining Elestio's core technology for over 15 years, deploying and maintaining over 12,000 production services.

What Drives Us

Our mission is to improve the open-source ecosystem by providing fully managed services for a large catalog of curated software, contributing to OSS projects, and also creating a recurring revenue for OSS authors.


If maintaining open-source software is your passion, you should probably consider joining our team. For the rest of us, there’s Elestio: we make open-source software simple and safe.


We can only exist inside a vibrant open-source community of high-quality, well maintained software. We do our part to contribute via our revenue sharing program and codebase contributions.


We empower users with choice: Choose your software, hosting provider, region, and enjoy simple, transparent, and predictable pricing. No more surprise bills, no more feature barriers.

Built on open source

We think dogfooding is the best thing since sliced bread, so Elestio is used to manage the software and services we use in production


Chatwoot is an open-source, alternative customer engagement suite.


NodeBB powers our community, where we share ideas, updates, and get feedback from our members.


BookStack powers our documentation microsite, helping us help you with clear, rich answers and instructions to address your questions.

Uptime Kuma

Uptime Kuma monitor our production services, ensuring we’re alerted immediately in case of issues.

Ghost CMS

Ghost is our blog platform to bring you technical case studies, philosophcal micro-essays, and customer success stories.

Elestio supports open source initiatives by creating a reliable source of income for developers all around the world.

We share revenue with open-source authors participating in our program. This is a win-win to us. Open-source developers and communities get more resources to improve their softwares and our customers, staff and other stakeholders know that they are helping to support something really positive.

The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where open-source authors can focus on improving their software without any DevOps responsibilities, and without going into B2B/SaaS business models.