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The future of devOps redefined


Totally flexible infrastructure

  • Scale up or down instantly - no lock ins

  • BYO infra option on all plans

  • Combine up to 5 cloud providers

  • 80+ regions globally


Save time and money

  • Huge devOps savings

  • All-inclusive pricing

  • No more maintenance or upgrade headaches

  • Save capex with completely variable hardware costs


Enterprise grade services on all plans

  • Extensive visibility, monitoring and control

  • Fully managed maintenance and upgrades

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Team collaboration

Flexible pricing to suit every requirement







Description CPUs RAM Storage Cost/hour Est. cost/month

If you need a configuration not listed here please contact [email protected], or to explore our BYOVM options click here.

  • All prices are in United States Dollars.
  • Each partial node uptime hour consumed will be billed as a full hour.
  • Estimated cost/month is based on 730 hours per month.

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Elestio support plans

Elestio provides great support - you can choose a support plan according to your needs, but for many use cases our Level 1 Support plan will be all you need.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Recommended for
Growth & Staging
Enterprise & Production
Service support
Guides & Community
We will troubleshoot/fix your service directly
We will also help with custom configurations of the service
Resilience & Backups
Minimum uptime
Automated daily VM snapshots
2 daily snapshots
4 daily snapshots
Automated remote backups (Borg)
7 days retention
14 days retention
30 days retention
External backups (S3)
Manual backups
Dedicated VM per service
Priority queuing
Helpdesk support
Tickets & Phone
Response time
3 days
24 hours
4 hours
Proactive Monitoring
Live + email alerts
Software & infrastructure
Access to over 275+ open-source softwares
Dedicated VM per service
Bring-your-own VM option (BYOVM)
Bring-your-own AWS Account (BYOAWS)
Bring-your-own Cloud Account (BYOA)
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Deployment, maintenance & updates
Instant deployment and configuration
Fully managed OS updates
Fully managed software updates
Live monitoring
Web terminal
File explorer
VS Code
SSH access (root)
SFTP access
Instant VM mobility / Cloning / Migrations
Live logs
Audit log
End-to-end encryption - Automatic SSL
Network firewall with predefined rules per software
2FA user authentication
IP rate limiter and pre-configured caching
Abnormal activity alerts
Private multi-cloud network

A service refers to an instance of a product

If you require a tailored solution don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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