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Wide range of data types

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open-source databases, with numerous data types and functions added over the years. Data types include: Primitives: Integer, Numeric, String, Boolean. Structured: Date/Time, Array, Range / Multirange, UUID. Document: JSON/JSONB, XML, Key-value (Hstore). Geometry: Point, Line, Circle, Polygon. Customizations: Composite, Custom Types.

Data integrity

PostgreSQL strives to conform to the ANSI-SQL:2008 standard, is fully ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) compliant, and is well-known for its rock-solid referential and transactional integrity. Its data integrity features ensure only validated data is stored.


High security

All files stored in the database are protected from reading by any account other than the superuser account. Authentication is ensured via: GSSAPI, SSPI, LDAP, SCRAM-SHA-256, Certificate, and more; a robust access-control system; column and row-level security; and multi-factor authentication with certificates.


PostgreSQL is extensible because its operation is catalog-driven, with stored functions and procedures; Procedural Languages (PL/PGSQL, Perl, Python, etc); SQL/JSON path expressions; foreign data wrappers; customizable storage interface for tables, and many extensions that provide additional functionality, including PostGIS.

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