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MySQL was developed for speed, even if this may come at the expense of some additional features. It is also known for its reliability as a database administrator, backed by a large community of programmers that have put the code through tough testing. Another benefit is that it is relatively simple to learn and use. And as it has been around for nearly three decades, it’s not hard to find experienced MySQL developers when you need them.


Online businesses and web platforms need to be able to provide round-the-clock services for a global audience. This is why high availability is a core feature of MySQL. It uses a range of cluster servers and data replication configurations that ensure uninterrupted uptime even if there is a failure. MySQL also uses a variety of backup and recovery strategies to ensure data is not lost in the event of a system crash or unintentional delete.



As data volumes and user loads increase, the database store needs to be scaled-up. It must be able to cope with the additional workload without a drop in performance. MySQL can be scaled in different ways, typically via replication, clustering or sharding (or a combination of them). It is able to support and process very large databases, though this is likely to have an impact on speed.


This is always an important consideration for businesses as they need to protect sensitive data and defend against cyberattacks. MySQL offers encryption using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, data masking, authentication plugins, and other layers of security to protect data integrity. The MySQL Enterprise package also includes firewall protection against cyberattacks.

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