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Review the technical specifications and monthly cost of your service, and click to create the service! Our systems will provision, configure and deploy your new software instance immediately, complete with SSL certificates.


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Monitor the realtime status of your new service in the dashboard. Once online, you'll be able to view the URL and secture credentials to connect and start using your service.

Do you want to bring your own domain? No problem, and no additional cost. Configure your intended hostname in our dashboard, and we'll pre-provision an additional SSL certificate for your domain

Configure a new CNAME record with your DNS provider, and you're all set.

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It's smooth sailing from here

Now that your service is deployed, you can use it with confidence, knowing that:

  • You're covered: elestio's technical expertise is keeping your services up to date, secure and backed up
  • You're giving back: 10% of our revenue is sent directly to open-source projects you're using.
  • You're in control: Cancel or change providers, regions and compute resources at any time.

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