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Benefits of Centrifugo fully managed by Elestio

Deploy a fully managed instance of Centrifugo in few minutes on Elestio. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of installation, configuration, encryption, security, backups, live monitoring, software & OS updates.
No more DevOps. Deploy on any cloud or on-premise. Scalable & Secure.


Dedicated Hardware

We deliver all services on dedicated virtual machines: you get full access to the underlying resources and kernel-level security.


Automated Updates

Let's save your business a lot of hassle, whilst ensuring that you get the performance and security benefits of regularly updated software and systems.

Predictable pricing

A guaranteed monthly price covers everything: compute, storage, bandwidth, updates, security & maintenance.

No vendor lock-in

You can migrate your software and data to any cloud providers any time you want. With Elestio you are totally free and in control.


We are ISO 27001, SOC2, and GDPR compliant. We are committed to protecting your data and privacy.

Centrifugo screenshots

Centrifugo dashboard screenshot
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Centrifugo features & resources

Integrates with everything

Centrifugo, a self-hosted service, can handle connections over a variety of real-time transports and provides a simple publish API. It integrates well with any application. There's no need to change an application architecture to introduce real-time features; you just let Centrifugo deal with persistent connections.

Great performance

Centrifugo, built in Go language, has some smart optimizations inside. It performs very well; a test stand, with 1m WebSocket connections, showed that about 30m messages per minute (500k messages per second) would be delivered to connected clients and latency would not be greater than 200ms in 99 percentile.


Centrifugo's many built-in features can help you to build an attractive real-time application in a short time. Centrifugo provides different types of subscriptions, hot channel history, instant presence and RPC calls. There is also the option to proxy connection events to the application backend over HTTP or GRPC.

Out-of-the-box scalability

Built-in Redis, KeyDB, Tarantool engines or Nats broker make it possible to scale connections over different machines. With consistent sharding of Redis, KeyDB and Tarantool, it's possible to handle millions of active connections with reasonable hardware requirements.

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