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Benefits of ManticoreSearch fully managed by Elestio

Deploy a fully managed instance of ManticoreSearch in few minutes on Elestio. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of installation, configuration, encryption, security, backups, live monitoring, software & OS updates.
No more DevOps. Deploy on any cloud or on-premise. Scalable & Secure.


Dedicated Hardware

We deliver all services on dedicated virtual machines: you get full access to the underlying resources and kernel-level security.


Automated Updates

Let's save your business a lot of hassle, whilst ensuring that you get the performance and security benefits of regularly updated software and systems.

Predictable pricing

A guaranteed monthly price covers everything: compute, storage, bandwidth, updates, security & maintenance.

No vendor lock-in

You can migrate your software and data to any cloud providers any time you want. With Elestio you are totally free and in control.


We are ISO 27001, SOC2, and GDPR compliant. We are committed to protecting your data and privacy.

ManticoreSearch screenshots

ManticoreSearch dashboard screenshot
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ManticoreSearch features & resources

Easy Scalability

Driven by the industry’s high standards and our clients’ needs, we made Manticore easily scalable, so no matter what kind of search tasks you need to solve: search on a small site, analytics over billions of log records or building multilingual directory with petabyte data coming from different sources, you can do it with Manticore Search.

Performance And Resource Consumption

Manticore Search is written in C++ - the programming language used to write operating systems, browsers and other software where performance and resource consumption is especially important. Writing in C++ is hard and takes time, but it allows us to make sure Manticore Search doesn’t consume more RAM than really needed and than it can use your CPU as efficiently as possible.

Powerful Full-Text Capabilities

Manticore Search, being a purely full-text search engine initially has outstanding full-text capabilities: over 20 full-text operators and more than 20 ranking factors, various built-in rankers and an expression-based custom ranker, text stemming, lemmatization, stopwords, synonyms, wordforms, low-level characters mapping, proper Chinese segmentation, easy text highlighting, ranking and tokenization plugins and many more.


It should be easy to integrate Manticore Search into your existing stack. That’s why Manticore can read data from MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, ODBC, XML, CSV, TSV out of the box. It can also be integrated with MySQL as an engine or be accessed via ProxySQL.

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