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ChiefOnBoarding is an open-source, self hosted employee onboarding platform, facilitating new hire processes through Slack or the dashboard. It automates user account provisioning, triggers webhooks, and supports various integrations. It allows the creation of pre-boarding pages for early welcomes.


On your first visit to the site, you will be presented with the login/signup screen.

ChiefOnBoarding login screen

When your instance is first created, an account is created for you with the email you chose. You can get the password for this account by going to your Elestio dashboard and clicking on the "Show Password" button.

Enter your username and password and click the "Login" button.

Creating New Hire

Once you have finalised the hires and both the parties have signed the contracts, HR managers or admins can create a new hire. Creating a new hire in ChiefOnBoarding helps with setting tasks for the new hire and the team for later. Additionally, you can setup different notification, tasks and also add the new hire to the team. Simply add the new hire details and click on "Create New Hire".

ChiefOnBoarding create hire screen

Adding Colleague

Colleague in ChiefOnBoarding allows users to add their colleagues. This feature is useful when you already have an employee in your company and you want to add them to the team. HR can add their colleagues and also add them to the team. This feature helps in managing the pre-existing team and allows everyone to see their colleagues on the platform. Simply add the colleague details and click on "Add Colleague".

ChiefOnBoarding college screen

Offboarding Process

ChiefOnBoarding allows you to see the employees that are about to leave the company. This dashboard helps in managing the offboarding of the employees. Offboarding is an important process that ensures a smooth transition for departing employees and helps protect sensitive company information. You can manage tasks such as revoking access to company systems, transferring knowledge to other team members, and collecting feedback from departing employees. You can access the offboarding settings under "People > Offboarding".

ChiefOnBoarding offboarding screen

Creating Resource Item

Resource items in ChiefOnBoarding provides informative content to new hires, offering guidance on general procedures and the use of specific tools. These resources share similarities with todo/ pre-boarding items in terms of titles, tags, and content. Resources can be transformed into courses, requiring new hires to navigate through chapters. Head over to the templates section to create a new resource items. Add name, category, tags and chapters along with the content and click on "Create".

ChiefOnBoarding create resource item screen


A sequence is a structured and phased delivery of onboarding tasks or items over time. Rather than overwhelming new hires with all information at once, sequences allow for a more gradual and strategic presentation of content. By implementing sequences, administrators can control the pacing of onboarding, ensuring that new hires receive tasks in a sequential order or based on the completion of previous items. This approach helps manage the onboarding process effectively, preventing information overload and inefficiency. Two major sequences in ChiefOnBoarding are offboarding and onboarding. You can access the sequences by clicking on "Sequences" section in the navigation bar.

ChiefOnBoarding sequence screen

Creating Task

A task represents in ChiefOnBoarding is a specific assignment or responsibility assigned to a new hire during the onboarding process. Tasks can include a variety of activities, such as filling out forms, completing training modules, or undertaking specific actions relevant to the onboarding workflow. These tasks are typically designed to guide new hires through essential steps and ensure a systematic and organized onboarding experience. Head over to the "Tasks" section in the navigation bar to start creating tasks.

ChiefOnBoarding creating task screen

Creating Todo Items

Todo is a task or item on the todo list within the onboarding process. The todo list serves as a structured guide, outlining the steps and tasks that new hires need to accomplish to progress through the onboarding process successfully. Managing todos helps ensure that each new hire follows a clear and organized path. Todos are great way to track the progress of the new hires and also helps in managing the onboarding process. You can access the todo list by clicking on "Todo" section under the Templates tab

ChiefOnBoarding creating todo screen

General Updates

General updates in ChiefOnBoarding provides the base and advance settings. Admins can change the name on the platform, update timezones, change the color schemes to match the branding of the company, etc. Additionally, slack bot can be configured to notify teams and new hires about the essential things and tasks. This dashboard also helps in managing the integrations along with the personal and administrator level settings and also welcome messages for the new hires through this dashboard. You can access this by clicking on "Setting" section in the navigation bar.

ChiefOnBoarding general updates settings screen

Integration Runs

Integrations allows users to establish connections with third-party services or trigger webhooks either manually or as part of a sequence. There are two primary types of integrations, one for triggering URLs on third-party services and another labeled "sync users" facilitating the importation of users from external platforms. It also allows update to specific user information, ensuring data synchronization between ChiefOnBoarding and external systems. You can see the integrations runs by accessing the "Integrations" section in the navigation bar.

ChiefOnBoarding integrations screen