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Couchbase offers a broad set of features that cater to a wide range of use cases. From mobile to web, from the data center to the edge, its design aims to improve user experiences and simplify enterprise application development.

N1QL Query Language

Couchbase's powerful SQL-based query language allows developers to query JSON data with the familiarity and expressiveness of SQL.

Flexible Data Modeling

With JSON document storage, Couchbase offers schema-less data storage, making it easier to evolve your data model as your application changes.

ACID Transactions

Couchbase provides strong consistency and reliability with full ACID compliance, ensuring data integrity during complex transactions.


Designed to scale horizontally, Couchbase can grow with your applications' needs, ensuring consistent performance at scale.

Full-Text Search

Built-in full-text search capabilities allow for rich content discovery and user-friendly search experiences.

Mobile Synchronization

Couchbase Mobile extends the database to the edge with data synchronization between mobile devices and the backend datastore.

Analytics and Integration

Couchbase enables real-time analytics and seamless integration with big data technologies for comprehensive insights.