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Elestio for Redis® harnesses the simplicity and speed of Redis while offering advanced features that ensure high availability, scalability, and security for your data.

Flexible Data Structures

Supports data types like strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets, enabling varied use cases from realtime analytics to caching.

Atomic Operations

Provides atomic operations on these data types, allowing for complex transactions and manipulation of stored information without race conditions.

Persistence Options

Combines in-memory performance with durability through snapshotting and append-only file persistence.

Built-in Replication

Features a master-slave replication configuration to enhance data redundancy and availability.

High Availability

Supports automatic partitioning across multiple Redis nodes with Redis Cluster for increased reliability.

Advanced Security

Provides robust security features including SSL/TLS encryption, role-based access control, and Redis Sentinel for monitoring.

Client-Side Caching

Leverages client-side caching to reduce latency and network traffic by locally caching frequently accessed data.

Pub/Sub Messaging

Implements a publisher/subscriber pattern for message-oriented middleware capabilities, allowing for real-time data exchange between clients.