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authentik offers an extensive range of features to handle identity and access management requirements. From Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to advanced user flows and multi-factor authentication, authentik provides a comprehensive solution to secure your digital assets.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allows users to authenticate once and gain access to multiple systems without needing to log in again, simplifying the user experience and improving security.

Flexible Authentication Flows

Customizable workflows that manage user login, registration, and recovery procedures to fit the specific needs of an organization.

User Directory Integration

Seamless integration with existing user directories such as LDAP/Active Directory, streamlining the synchronization and management of user data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Boosts security by requiring multiple forms of verification from users during the authentication process.

User Management

Provides administrative tools for managing user accounts, groups, and permissions, delivering granular control over access to applications and services.

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Support

Supports modern authentication protocols, offering compatibility with a wide range of applications and services for secure identity management.