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Castopod boasts a suite of features tailored to enhance podcasting experience for both creators and listeners. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the podcast management process, while providing powerful tools to engage with a growing audience.

Self-Hosting Capability

Maintain complete autonomy over your podcast by hosting it on your own server, thus ensuring full control over your content.

Audience Interaction

Engage directly with your audience through built-in tools, fostering a loyal listener base without third-party interference.

Easy Publishing

Publish your podcast episodes quickly and effortlessly, with a straightforward process that gets your content out there with ease.

Advanced Analytics

Track your podcast's performance with in-depth analytics to understand your audience better and tailor your content to their preferences.

Social Media Integration

Expand your reach by integrating with social media platforms, allowing for easy sharing and promotion of episodes.

Monetization Options

Explore diverse monetization strategies directly through the platform to support your podcasting venture financially.

Accessibility Features

Castopod includes features that make podcasts more accessible, like transcription and variable playback speeds to accommodate all listeners.