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Hasura comes packed with features aimed at making API development simple, real-time, and productive. It supports instant setup of a GraphQL service backed by robust query optimizations and facilitates seamless collaboration.

Real-time GraphQL

Offers a real-time GraphQL API that allows you to subscribe to database events for live queries and mutations.

Easy Integration

Connects effortlessly to existing databases and microservices, providing a unified GraphQL interface across all your data sources.

Role-Based Access Control

Provides dynamic access controls that allow fine-grained permissions at the field and row levels for enhanced security.

High Performance

Optimized performance with efficient query execution, resulting in a super-fast API experience irrespective of the data size.


Designed to scale with your usage, Hasura facilitates smooth handling of complex queries over large datasets.

Easy to Use

Features an intuitive admin console for visual data modeling, query building, and event triggers management, simplifying development workflows.

Custom Business Logic

Allows custom business logic implementation with remote schemas and trigger-based event systems.