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Keycloak is equipped with a rich set of features enabling secure application development, such as user federation, identity brokering, and social login. It's highly customizable to fit a variety of security requirements.

Single Sign-On/SSO

Supports SSO across different applications, allowing users to access multiple services with a single login.

User Federation

Easily integrates with external user directories, like LDAP or Active Directory, for seamless identity management.

Identity Brokering

Allows the integration with third-party identity providers for flexible authentication options.

Social Login

Enables users to login with their social media accounts, streamlining the registration process.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enhances security by adding an extra layer of authentication beyond username and password.

Fine-Grained Authorization

Provides detailed access control to manage user permissions with precision.

Client Adapters

Offers a range of client adapters for easy integration with different programming languages and frameworks.

Admin Console

Features a web-based console for easy management of realms, clients, and roles.