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KeyDB boasts a multitude of features aimed at providing a scalable, highly available data storage solution. Its versatility comes from a rich set of functionalities that cater to various use cases ranging from caching to data persistence.


KeyDB's multi-threaded architecture allows for high levels of concurrency, ensuring performant data handling under heavy load.

Active Replication

With its active replication feature, KeyDB provides better data resiliency and consistency across different nodes.

Advanced Eviction Policies

KeyDB supports a range of eviction policies, allowing fine-grained control over how data is maintained in the cache.

Diskless Replication

Diskless replication in KeyDB reduces the overhead during data synchronization between nodes, promoting faster recovery and scalability.

Flash Storage Support

KeyDB incorporates support for flash storage, providing a cost-effective way of scaling and managing large datasets.

Pub/Sub Capabilities

The software facilitates real-time communication through its built-in publish/subscribe messaging system.

Lua Scripting

Lua Scripting allows custom transactional logic to be executed server-side, enabling complex operations to be handled efficiently.


KeyDB's design ensures high-availability setups are possible, providing robustness and resilience for critical applications.