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Leantime offers a suite of features that enable teams to effectively manage projects with ease. The system focuses on enhancing productivity and collaboration, ensuring that every phase of the project lifecycle is covered through its flexible and user-friendly interface.

Task Management

Stay on top of all your tasks with a clear view of to-dos, delegations, and deadlines.

Milestone Tracking

Map out project milestones to visualize progress and keep your team focused on key objectives.

Idea Boards

Utilize interactive idea boards to brainstorm and evolve project concepts collaboratively.

Time Tracking

Log time spent on tasks for a more accurate picture of project effort and resource allocation.

Agile & Lean Tools

Adopt a combination of Agile and Lean methodologies to enhance flexibility and deliver value faster.


Generate detailed reports to analyze project performance and make data-driven decisions.

User Roles & Permissions

Manage user access with customizable roles and permissions to ensure project security.