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N8N offers a wide range of integration options and a user-friendly interface to facilitate workflow automation. With its powerful features, users can easily automate tasks, synchronize data, and enhance their operational workflows.

Visual Workflow Editor

Drag and drop nodes to create and design complex workflows with an intuitive graphical interface.

Extensive Integration Options

Comes with numerous pre-built nodes to connect with various services and APIs, enabling seamless data exchange and task automation among different platforms.

Customizable Nodes

Allows for custom node development, granting the flexibility to create tailored functionalities that meet unique automation needs.

On-Premise Deployment

Ensures data privacy and security by enabling self-hosting of the platform within your own infrastructure.


Benefit from a strong community that contributes to an ever-growing list of integrations and supports peer collaboration.

Flexible Workflows

Execute workflows based on time schedules or events, offering flexibility to fit various automation scenarios.