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Outline provides an intuitive and streamlined user experience with a host of features designed to enhance team collaboration and information management. Its tools are tailor-made to help teams capture, organize, and access collective knowledge with ease.

Real-time Editing

Supports simultaneous editing by multiple team members, allowing for real-time collaboration and instant updates.

Rich Integrations

Integrates with popular tools such as Slack, making it easy to search and share content within the team's communication platform.

Robust Search Functionality

Powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly find the information they need within their team's documentation.

Markdown Support

Supports Markdown for easy formatting and editing of documents, appealing to users who prefer writing in a markup language.

Structured Hierarchies

Allows teams to organize documents in nested collections, providing structure to the knowledge base and making it easier to navigate.

Permission Management

Offers granular permission settings to control who can view or edit specific documents or collections, ensuring secure access to sensitive information.

Reusable Templates

Includes template support to quickly create new documents following predefined structures, saving time and maintaining consistency.