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Owncast's features provide creators with a robust and versatile platform for live streaming. Its open source nature allows for customization while the built-in functionality ensures an engaging viewer experience.

Live Video Streaming

Seamlessly stream live video content to a global audience without any proprietary service restrictions.

Integrated Web Chat

Engage with viewers in real-time by using the built-in interactive chat feature alongside your live broadcasts.

Customizable Server

Personalize and configure your own streaming server to match your brand aesthetics and technical requirements.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Manage your streams with an intuitive dashboard that simplifies the control of streaming settings and user interactions.

Social Sharing

Easily share your live streams across social media platforms to maximize your content's outreach.

Storage Control

Handle your content storage with flexibility, determining where and how your streamed content is saved.

Access Management

Control viewer access and moderate chat participation to maintain a positive and safe environment for your community.

Analytics and Reports

Track your streaming performance with detailed analytics and reports to better understand your audience.