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PhotoPrism offers a suite of impressive features designed to enhance your photo management. With advanced AI technology, it streamlines the organization and retrieval of your photos, making them easily accessible and shareable.

AI-Powered Indexing

Utilizes artificial intelligence to categorize and tag photos automatically, simplifying the search and organization process.

Face Recognition

Equipped with advanced face recognition capabilities to quickly identify people in your photos for easy sorting and access.


Analyzes photo metadata to geotag images, allowing you to sort and view photos based on location data.

Duplicate Detection

Automatically detects and helps you manage duplicate photos, keeping your collection streamlined.

Responsive Web UI

Access your photo collection on any device via a responsive web interface that adapts to different screen sizes.

RAW File Support

Supports a wide range of RAW file formats, ensuring compatibility with professional photography workflows.

Secure Sharing

Offers secure options to share your photos with others while maintaining control over your privacy.