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GlitchTip offers a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify the process of monitoring applications. It helps teams detect, track, and resolve errors efficiently while also providing performance insights.

Error Tracking

Automatically capture errors in real-time from your applications, enabling you to identify and fix issues promptly.

Performance Monitoring

Track application performance metrics to pinpoint slowdowns and optimize response times, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Uptime Monitoring

Continuously monitor your website or application's availability to minimize downtime and maintain service reliability.

Alert Notifications

Receive instant notifications for identified issues through various channels, ensuring quick response and resolution times.

Issue Management

Organize and manage captured errors with tagging and filtering options for efficient prioritization and handling.

User Feedback

Gather user feedback directly through the platform to better understand issues from the end-user perspective.

API & Webhooks

Integrate with existing workflows using GlitchTip's API and webhooks for seamless error management.